Surfing på Unstad om vinteren eller sommeren


Connects you surfing with the warm and tropical climate? At Unstad, there have been surfed since 1963. In 1999, the surf film E2K with surfers as Sam Lamiroy and Spencer Hargraves filmed there.

The beach is turned towards the Northwest and do you get from the South East. Strong winds and brief periods of swell dominates, but the varrierte the geography offers several options. In the winter, when the surfen is a good thing is the lack of light due to the darkness of the time an ever-tilbakekommende issues, but in the summer, on the other hand, it is like most of the day.

Unstad can offer surf conditions to both for beginners, intermediates to pros.

Best season for beginner to advanced: April-September

Best season for intermediates, viderkommende +: September-April

The water is maintained at a temperature of between 8-14 degrees Celsius throughout the year because of the Gulf stream. Våtdrak in the thickness of 6/5/4 ambefales.