I Svolvær og omegn er det mange flotte fjell

Mountain tours

Svolvær is a good starting point a lot of great mountain tours in summer and winter. There are tours of all varieties with respect to skill level, duration, and length. Many take during your stay for a walk up to the side and then (590moh.) in order to take the Svolværgeita's see Svolvær's landmarks and the Devil's Gate in closer consideration.

For those who do not want it full so airy is a walk up to the Tjeldbergtind (367moh.) to recommend. Tjelbergtind gives a magnificent panoramic view in all directions, which presumably makes Tjeldbergtind to many people's favorite ride. Here you get a lot of views for a little sweat.

Glomtind (419moh.) is a mountain which in many ways can the memory of mid-Norway time, a lot of views, despite the fact that the trip is neither of the longest or the top of the highest. By starting the trip from Hops the Lake you can go for a round trip via the ridge that extends to the East of Glomtind.

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