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The history of

Lofoten Rorbuer

The history of

Lofoten Rorbuer

Lofoten Rorbuer carries with it a fascinating history dating all the way back to 1828. Located on Svinøya, right next to Børsen Spiseri in Svolvær, the original boathouse was built, and it now constitutes a central part of our facility. This pier, among the oldest boathouses in the area, tells a profound story of the rich culture associated with the fisheries in Lofoten.

In 1937, the boathouse was dismantled from its original location and moved to Marinepollen. The following year, in 1938, it was reassembled and stands proudly in the same place to this day. After the extensive relocation operation, the pier has been used for various purposes, including fish reception, boathouse for fishermen, and as a storage place for fishing gear. Thus, it has been a central part of maritime life in the area for several decades.

Today, Lofoten Rorbuer is a culturally historic accommodation and a family-run business that preserves the charm and atmosphere of the past. Ruth and Torbjørn Skarheim started with the rental of 8 rooms in 2005. They then worked to refurbish the rooms and built an entirely new section with 7 suites. After many years in the industry, their son Tor-Raymond took over in 2019. With their units last modernized between 2012 and 2015, the place offers a perfect balance between traditional charm and modern comfort. Visitors can experience authentic boathouse living while enjoying modern amenities and conveniences.

The location of Lofoten Rorbuer is ideal, centrally situated in the harbor right next to Svolvær town center. The sunny atmosphere provides guests with a unique experience of the beautiful landscapes of Lofoten. From the boathouses, it's a short distance to fishing spots at sea, idyllic beaches, majestic mountains, and notably the iconic Svolværgeita, a mountain formation that attracts climbers from all over the world.

Lofoten Rorbuer thus represents not just accommodation, but an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural history of Lofoten while enjoying the spectacular surroundings. The place's ability to combine history, modern comfort, and proximity to nature makes it a memorable destination for all who visit this fantastic part of the world.

Lofoten Rorbuer aims to provide guests with a complete experience of Lofoten, and therefore, we offer a total of 16 units, each suitable for 2 to 5 people. All units are equipped with cooking facilities, with the rooms having mini-kitchens, while the rorbu suites have fully equipped kitchens. This provides guests with flexibility and the opportunity to prepare their own meals and experience the authentic atmosphere of staying in a rorbu. With a maximum capacity of 50 people, Lofoten Rorbuer is an ideal place for groups, families, or couples looking to explore Lofoten together. We emphasize on providing guests with a comfortable base while they explore the region.

For those who truly wish to experience Lofoten and its play of colors, we recommend a bike ride. Guests can rent bikes for a day trip around Svolvær, Kabelvåg, or Henningsvær, or take the time for a longer bike ride to Å. Cycling offers a unique opportunity to experience nature at a comfortable pace and take in the beautiful landscapes up close. Guests can rent bikes.

If you wish to explore Lofoten from the sea, we also offer rental of Smartliner 23 Fisher boats. These boats are equipped with a Yamaha motor with 115 HP and have a total fuel capacity of 140 liters. All boats are equipped with a chart plotter and echo sounder, as well as life jackets included. For those who want to try their luck at fishing, we also offer rental of fishing equipment. Whether you prefer to explore Lofoten by land or by sea, Lofoten Rorbuer has the facilities and services needed to make your stay memorable and filled with authentic experiences.

To provide our guests with an even more unique experience, we are installing glass over our large terrace. This allows tourists to sit outside in the lounge even on cold winter evenings and enjoy the sight of the magical Northern Lights dancing across the sky. It's an opportunity to experience the Arctic nature at its best, surrounded by comfort and warmth

With our continuous efforts to improve facilities and adapt to different seasons, Lofoten Rorbuer aims to provide guests with a memorable experience of Lofoten, no matter when they choose to visit. Whether it's exploring the snow-covered beauty on skis or experiencing the magical Northern Lights from the terrace, we facilitate authentic and comfortable stays year-round.